Intel's 4th gen Haswell Processors
Intel's 4th gen Haswell Processors

Author Topic: Intel's 4th gen Haswell Processors  (Read 1963 times)

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Intel's 4th gen Haswell Processors
« on: May 28, 2013, 08:18:02 AM »
Faster, leaner, cooler: Get up to speed on Intel’s new ‘Haswell’ chips

If you hear a subtle tick-tock on a quiet night, don’t bother checking the clock. The noise is probably Intel’s relentless push forward, known as “tick-tock,” which demands rhythmic updates of the company’s processor architecture and manufacturing process. This year is a “tock” year, which means the new 4th-gen processors, code-named Haswell and rumored to be announced on June 3, will be built on a new version of Intel’s silicon.

Though the official announcement has yet to occur, we’re not totally in the dark about what Haswell will offer. Intel routinely teases its new product as the launch approaches by announcing features and making promises about the improvements we should expect to see. Leaks and rumors filter to our ears, as well, giving us an even better idea about what to expect. If you’re buying a computer the latter half of this year, listen up, because that PC will most likely have a Haswell processor. Here’s what we know about Haswell so far…